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Plastic Film Recycling

Plastic Recycling Plants

Mechanical Solutions can design bespoke plastic recycling systems for most types of  waste plastics such as HDPE bottles into clean flakes, heavily soiled materials such as agricultural film, PET bottles into clean flakes, ETC.plastic recycling plantThe correct combination and size of  equipment depending on your specific requirements will ensure a reliable, efficient system to produce multiple high quality revenue streams ready for their markets.

The modular construction of a Mechanical Solutions plant means if, in future you wish to increase capacity or change the type of material being processed, additional equipment can be easily integrated into existing lines, future proofing your investment.

All plants are designed to suit your application and required capacity.  A typical plant could include any or all of the below;

  • Shredders – For the size reduction of materials
  • Granulators – For the size reduction of materials
  • Magnets – To prevent ferrous metal contamination,  protect downstream equipment and provide an extra income source
  • Eddy Current Separators – To prevent non  ferrous contamination, protect downstream equipment and provide an extra income source
  • Conveyors – belt, bucket, screw, air and vibrating systems for transporting materials between processes
  • Optical sorters – To separate materials by polymer and colour
  • Sink Float Tanks – To clean material and separate by density
  • Trommels – Pre-wash to remove contaminants
  • Friction Washers – Further scrubbing of material
  • De-watering Screw – Squeeze product to remove water
  • Water Filtration – To remove dirt from cleaning water
  • Bagging Plant – To deliver finished product into bulk storage bags