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SGM Metal Separation Equipment

SGM Metal Separation Equipment

An extensive array of SGM separation equipment has become available, previously unused.  Could be configured to create a 50 TPH + ASR plant.  All items where manufactured and delivered in 2010 but, not installed and are available immediately.

SGM – EMS 96 Metal Sensor Cascading QuadSGM - EMS96 Metal Sensor

The EMS96 Metal Sensors are set up with six units to 1 cascading line.                                       The first two units set up for stainless steel detection with the remaining four set up for wire detection.There are four complete lines available, two normal and two optimized for fines.

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Eddy Current Separator SGM-SIS200PSGM SIS200 ECS

The SGM-SIS200P has an 80″/2000mm wide belt and has never been installed so,        therefore is in excellent as new condition.  The SIS is eddy current separator is specifically design for your larger fraction material,   ranging from ¾”-6″ with a capacity that ranges from 10tph to 25tph.

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SGM – DSRP150 Dynamic Ferrous SeparatorSGM-DSRP150

Recommended for use before the high frequency ECS for fines in order to recover good ferrous from your magnetic waste but also improve the non-ferrous recovery on the high frequency ECS.

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High Frequency ECS SGM-VIS150High Frequency ECS SGM-VIS150

The SGM-VIS150 High Frequency ECS is in as new condition, manufactured in 2010 has been kept in storage since having, never been installed.  Approx 1500mm width belt.  The SGM high frequency ECS is designed to recover non-ferrous metals down to < 1mm in size and offers outstanding non-ferrous metal recovery performance with concentration over 95%

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Aspirator & Deep Box AspiratorSTANDARD ASPIRATOR

Numerous, previously unused, large, standard and deep box aspirators available.  The Pneumatic Aspirator has been designed to efficiently and quickly “airwash” dry granular products prior to screening, gravity, and de-stoning separations or to remove dust or light impurities and materials from heavier or good products. Since the Pneumatic Aspirator has virtually no moving parts, the machines require very little maintenance.

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